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  • IT cast funko pops

    IT cast funko pops

    Hi Guys!!! So I'm starting this petition to get IT cast funko pops! (If you don't know what IT is or funko pops are please look up first) So as some of you may know sadly FUNKO has only made Pennywise pops. So I would like for them to make funko pops of the old and new cast. (I'm sure many of you guys...

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  • Speak up, Save lives, Stop bullying

    Speak up, Save lives, Stop bullying

    Everyday a voice is willing to be heard, lost in a world of bullies. A child endures the hardships of being beaten up, shouted at, and tortured in so many different ways on a regular basis. Speak up, Save lives and Stop bullying once and for all! People commit suicide all over the world because...

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  • Petition for a much needed Methadone Clinic in our community

    Petition for a much needed Methadone Clinic in our...

    MY INPUT ABOUT THE METHADONE CLINIC THAT THE COUNCIL MAN HAS EVERY ONE IN TOWN UPSET ABOUT :I feel a Methadone or Suboxone or Vistirole Clinic would be an asset to this community. For all that think it will bring more drugs to the area. Take a look around they will always be here. These clinics would...

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  • Asylum by right

    Asylum by right

    We urge the Royal Thai, Malaysian and Sri Lankan government to stop oppressing Pakistani Christian (and other) refugees and asylum seekers and treating them inhumanely.  In particular, we call on them to; Sign the UNHCR protocols, or at least abide by their core tenets, stop raiding,...

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  • Petition for I Don't Know How but They Found Me to come to Boston

    Petition for I Don't Know How but They Found Me to...

    Breezy said if there was enough demand for IDKHBTFM to come to a place they would. Let's show them that we want em'!

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  • Secede from Butler Township

    Secede from Butler Township

    We, the undersigned residents of Beech Mountain Lakes, Drums, Pennsylvania, ask that the Beech Mountain Lakes Association board of directors explore the possibility of and move forward with a plan to secede from Butler Township, its governance and taxing authority, and incorporate the entire land area...

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  • Sa needs bts

    Sa needs bts

    ARMY NEEDS BTS IN SOUTH AFRICA TOONamjoon (Rap Monster) once thanked South African ARMYs by the nameWhich means they know they have fanbase hereArtists don't pick where they perform The country needs to invite and pay themSouth Africa is not aware of how many ARMYs there are hereSo they think that...

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  • Save Stitchers

    Save Stitchers

    I started this petition to try to convince either Freeform or another network or  streaming site to save Stitchers and give it a season 4. Many shows have been brought back after being cancelled because of fan involvement. We can bring Stitchers back with enough fan involvement. Please sign this...

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  • Carrie 2013: release the extended director's cut on dvd/blu-ray

    Carrie 2013: release the extended director's cut on...

    WITH ALL DUE RESPECT: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Sony Pictures, Screen Gems, 20th Century Fox, and Misher Films:  This petition is for those avid Carrie fans who hope to see an Extended Director's Cut of Carrie (2013) released on DVD and Blu-ray. It has come to the attention of fans that there were many...

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  • Keep Warkworth Rodeo

    Keep Warkworth Rodeo

    Thank you for helping support the Warkworth Rodeo!Unfortunately The Auckland Council is wanting to stop the Rodeo from being on its present site, despite touting the Warkworth Showgrounds as a Multi Sports Complex. With your support, you can help keep the Warkworth Rodeo in its current format and location...

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  • Force Bob Nutting to sale the Pittsburgh Pirates

    Force Bob Nutting to sale the Pittsburgh Pirates

    The Pirates are owned by the cheapest, and worse management in all of Major League Baseball. The Nutting's only care about lining their own pockets rather than trying to win on the field. It is not right when the fans care more about the team than the owners do. The Pirates are always in the middle...

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  • Sunset Resort Owners Against Communal Fees

    Sunset Resort Owners Against Communal Fees

    PUT YOUR OWN APARTMENT NUMBER FOR THE LOCATION ENTRY.Example :         Location: "C33-33" PLEASE CONNECT ME PETITION aim of this petition is to help enable apartment owners within Sunset...

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  • VW Emission Fix issues

    VW Emission Fix issues

    As you may have seen on many news and TV shows now (including watchdog episode 12/7/17) many people are having issues as a result of the VW emission update on their effected VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat cars.However even with the Department for Transport and other above shows receiving thousands of complaints...

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  • Stop de Mondriaankwelder op Striep

    Stop de Mondriaankwelder op Striep

    Wij zijn tegen de plannen van Sense of Place / Rijkswaterstaat om een Mondriaankwelder te bouwen op Striep Terschelling. De bestaande kwelder is een prachtig vogelgebied en tevens hoogwatervluchtplaats voor vogels. Hier passen kunstexperimenten niet bij. Wij verzoeken de gemeente Terschelling haar uiterste...

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  • Camp Camp Season 3

    Camp Camp Season 3

    I have started this petition to inform the creators of Camp Camp to finally add a season three. For you see, summer break has yet to end for Max and the Camp Campbell campers. The folks at Rooster Teeth might just create a whole new season, while seeing how large the fanbase of this extraordinary show...

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