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  • Fire Tyronn Lue

    Fire Tyronn Lue

    Tyrone Lue is the worst head coach in the NBA. For reasoning, look no further than the Cavaliers’ atrocious defense, ranked worse in the league. You might say to yourself, “ok, they suck defensively, how is that Lue’s fault?” Well, it’s Lue’s fault because he was...

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  • Westridge Pickleball Court

    Westridge Pickleball Court

    A group of Westridge homeowners are requesting the Westridge HOA to convert one of the tennis courts into a Pickleball Court.The tennis courts are going to be resurfaced/painted and we would like a Pickleball Court to be added for mix use.Pickleball is a fun sport for ALL ages that combines...

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  • Change Super Bowl to Saturday!

    Change Super Bowl to Saturday!

    It’s about time for change! Let’s all think about the Super Bowl, the commercials, the time to gather around with family and friends, only to wake up the following morning to work and school. Staying up late before a day you need focus is not only difficult, it could cause many workplace...

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  • Bring Back Logan Paul

    Bring Back Logan Paul

    I believe that it’s unfair that Youtube is going to stop paying Logan Paul. It is also very unfair that Logan Paul was kicked off “Foursome”, and “The Thinning 2” was put on hold for one little mistake!

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  • Bring back Middle school  Cheerleading

    Bring back Middle school Cheerleading

    We come to a point where the girls and boys cheer their last season of cheerleading with Grove City Little Eagles and the GCLE football players play their last year of football at this age as they all transition to Middle school The girls are left with no cheerleading being continued into Middle school...

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  • Keep Warkworth Rodeo

    Keep Warkworth Rodeo

    Thank you for helping support the Warkworth Rodeo!Unfortunately The Auckland Council is wanting to stop the Rodeo from being on its present site, despite touting the Warkworth Showgrounds as a Multi Sports Complex. With your support, you can help keep the Warkworth Rodeo in its current format and location...

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  • Petition for Vin Scully to call the World Series on Fox over Joe Buck

    Petition for Vin Scully to call the World Series on...

    The Dodgers have made it to the World Series for the first time since 1988!!!! This petition is for Vin Scully to call the games for Fox instead of Joe Buck. The reason, well because it’s Vin freaking Scully!

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  • Full field friday

    Full field friday

    Welcome to our petition, if you’re reading this it means more than half of the class has agreed on this.   We believe it would be more beneficial to the team and us individually to go out to the rig on Friday and do full field or ball work rather than go to the Pep rally. If we...

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  • Bring back Favre

    Bring back Favre

    If Brett Hundley flops for the Packers they need to bring back Brett Favre until Aaron Rodgers comes back

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  • Joe we miss you # Return

    Joe we miss you # Return

    Dear Joe we are sorry please come back to Tuesday football. As long as you don't throw a hissy feet please communicate with us. This is to show you our sincerity. # Return Joe HF   We ask for your support in his return thank you for your consideration please sign the petition.

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  • Bring Shaker Justice 1

    Bring Shaker Justice 1

    Shaker heights high school played Strongvile high school at there home field. Many people went and witnessed the game the boys from both teams fighting hard to win yet the boys from Shaker made a winning touchdown they put the points on the bored, the crowd and team celebrating then the refs decided...

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  • Bring NHL franchise to Houston

    Bring NHL franchise to Houston

    According to research,  Houston is the fastest growing hockey community in the United States of America. Houston had the aeros but they left for Iowa. Having an NHL team would be best for the city because it would bring a sport that represents what Houston could be in the near future. That of a...

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  • Let's build a skatepark in Atco!

    Let's build a skatepark in Atco!

    Hello citizens of Atco and surrounding towns. My name is Ian Dorgan I am a resident of Atco, NJ. Since I have lived in this wonderful town I have noticed the options for recreation are pretty lackluster. I believe having a skatepark in the town would be a positive addition for children and adults alike...

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  • Support/Interest Shikellamy lacrosse

    Support/Interest Shikellamy lacrosse

    Please help us get a lacrosse program at shikellamy. If your son or daughter is interested in trying a new sport please consider lacrosse. Local lacrosse programs have free or low cost clinics where you could check this awesome sport out. Also Bucknell & Susquehanna & Penn State Lacrosse games are always...

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  • Chris Benoit for hall of fame

    Chris Benoit for hall of fame

    My name is Conner and am supporting for Chris Benoit to be in the wwe Hall of Fame someday. We all know what Benoit done but I believe he had to many shots to the head from wrestling. I will really like for David Benoit to induct he's dad Chris Benoit in to the hall of fame. Chris Benoit is apart of...

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  • Bring Back Coach Coatta

    Bring Back Coach Coatta

    BRING BACK COACH COATTA!!Minnetonka High School Head Boys Golf Coach of 15 years, John Coatta was fired from his position very recently without warning and no just cause. He was simply told "We are going in another direction"......This makes no sense whatsoever!Coach Coatta has been nothing but been...

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  • Bring NBA Street Vol 2. back

    Bring NBA Street Vol 2. back

    Think back to your childhood, it’s the summer and your PS2 is calling your name. You put in NBA Street Vol 2 and the intro to T.R.O.Y starts playing and you know that life couldn’t be better than this. That’s the reason this petition was created. E.A. Sports needs to make NBA Street...

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  • Get Ereck Flowers & Jerry Reese Out Of Here

    Get Ereck Flowers & Jerry Reese Out Of Here

    You should support my petition because as a giants fan I am saddened at a 0-3 record and Jerry Reese has failed to address our Offensive line issues & cut ties with Ereck Flowers the man who will get Eli a broken neck or worse if he is not taken off the team . Please help me reach my goal 

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  • Fine and  suspend NFL players

    Fine and suspend NFL players

    NFL players need to be  suspended one game every time they sit or take a knee during our   National anthem. Just because they have the right to do so, does not mean they can act like fools and disrespect our  military. They should also be hit with a fine of $600,000. This fine number...

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  • Replace the basketball goals at Brandon, Ms City Park

    Replace the basketball goals at Brandon, Ms City Park

    Petition to replace the basketball goals at Brandon, Ms City ParkAs of a few weeks ago the city decided to take our basketball court and goals down at the city park (by the police station). Upon inquiring, we've been told that the city received a grant to make a new "youth" tennis court. Several young...

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